‘How was work today?’ ‘Did you have a good weekend?’ ‘What are you planning to do this evening?’ ‘How are you feeling?’

Stories are at the root of our lives. They are not locked away in print or on film, but part of our way of experiencing life now whether looking back at the past or creating scenarios for the future. How we tell our story, even if it is just in our own head, will build up our picture of how we understand the world around us.

Stories are important, not just those that we hear about on tv, but the everyday hopes and dreams, fears and regrets, that fill our lives. Through sharing these, we learn to understand each other and give meaning to the world around us.

Through listening to others retell the stories that make up their lives, reading diaries and letters, interpreting documents and objects, I work to help people see the world through other people’s eyes and communicate the poetry of our lives.

I offer practical advice in oral and life history, including:

Oral History interviewing, documentation and archiving
Preparing interviews for exhibition and sound-editing
Oral History and Life History research
Creating life narratives
Oral History methodology, copyright and ethics
Copy-editing and transcription services

I trained in Life History research at the University of Sussex and am the Oral History Society’s local network representative for Brighton & Hove and Sussex.

My work includes providing life histories and sound for Brighton Museum’s exhibition ‘War Stories: Voices from the First World War’ (12 July 2014 to 1 March 2015), oral histories and sound for Brighton Museum’s exhibition ‘The Land Girls: Cinderellas of the Soil’ (2009), oral history interviews for the University of Sussex’s ‘Fifty Faces; Fifty Voices’ and ‘Our Hospital, Our History’, and consultancy on a number of local projects.

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